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Hello, lovely! Are you struggling
in your relationship with food
or your body?

I help women like you find
freedom with food, their
bodies, and within themselves <3

Is food ruling your life too much? I can help you:

  • let go of food perfectionism
  • halt the cycle of dieting / "eating clean," binging / purging / emotional eating, and repeating
  • learn to love food without guilt or shame attached
  • stop the negative self-talk in its tracks
  • let your body rest at its natural weight
...and ultimately reach that point of total peace and freedom with food.

wondering what to do first? start here:

join the group

You'll get free support, love, & a safe place for discussing anything related to unwanted eating concerns, mindfulness, and loving yourself.

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I created a free ebook with five steps to help you start making peace with food and eating more intuitively <3 Click below to download it now!

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Read about my own journey to food freedom and higher self-care, my qualifications, and why I understand where you're coming from - and how I can help you.

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